Gavin Gough
Editorial, Humanitarian & Travel Photographer

Gavin Gough

Editorial, Humanitarian & Travel Photographer


I am a freelance, editorial photographer, documenting stories which reflect the human condition.

"The characteristics, key events and situations which compose the essentials of human existence such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict and mortality."

My job is to faithfully depict these diverse themes whilst preserving respect and empathy for the subjects and people I photograph.


I often work with NGOs, helping to illustrate the impact of health, infrastructure, environmental, gender and educational programmes.


Organisations commission me to document contemporary issues, including emergency response, disaster relief, migration and civil unrest.


My images have appeared in almost all major, international publications, including Vanity Fair, Conde Nast, Time, Geo, National Geographic, Guardian, New York Times and on Al Jazeera, BBC, ITV, ESPN and Microsoft networks.

It's impossible to categorise good photography (or photographers) through simple genres. My work encompasses photojournalism, travel, portrait, landscape and editorial photography and is, I hope, more accurately bound by a common style and patient approach.

I've exhibited collections in galleries in Bangkok, London and New York. I am represented by Getty Images.

Born in England but having lived overseas since 2008, I am now based between homes in Bangkok, Thailand and Vienna, Austria.


"Wow! I can’t tell you how impressed we
are. Your use of colour is incredible...
You connect with people on a personal level, they look so comfortable with you.
We are so thrilled with your work."

Xishan, China

"Thank you for the care and love you showed to persons with disabilities. We enjoyed working with you and you have captured the most beautiful moments. It is so inspiring to see."

Yanyun Xie
CBM China


"Your work is gorgeous and we are very excited to get stories and photos from the field."

Chara Odhner
Charity : Water


"We've reviewed your photos
and they are fabulous.
We're very excited
to be using them."

Kevin Conroy
Global Giving


"My heart is seriously soaring from these photos, Gavin. These are downright spectacular. We are thankful for your eye and your disposition. We all adore this relationship."

Eric Stowe
Founder and Director

A small selection of published work (tearsheets), including news and magazine articles, NGO campaigns, international reports, book covers and web content.

A small selection of published work (tearsheets), including news and magazine articles, NGO campaigns, international reports, book covers and web content.