Gavin Gough
Editorial, Humanitarian & Travel Photographer



Seven in Seven · Day Three


Each day for a week, I'm sharing one of my favourite images from 2017.


Sony a7RII, Leica 50mm lens, f/2, 1/500. ISO100 (Kodachrome Profile)


I must have photographed this particular friendly face many dozens of times over the past 20 years. Sitting outside the shrine at the entrance to the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, the pose changes less frequently than the beads which are placed upon devotees' heads as a blessing is offered.

I really ought to seek out the first photo I made here, some 20 years ago. I guess we've both aged a lot in that time. And we're both doing exactly what we were doing 20 years ago. I guess that speaks to something. Perhaps it's evidence of what the Japanese call "Ikigai"

I hope that whatever you're planning in the coming year will bring you a sense of joy and satisfaction.

If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his lens, and if he is compassionate, it’s already a lot. The instrument is not the camera but the photographer.
— Eve Arnold