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Seven in Seven · Day Seven

Each day for the past week, I've posted one of my seven favourite photos from 2017.

Sherpas Kaji, Dalman, Ang, Nima and Pasan (Leica M, 50mm, 1/90, f/8, ISO200)


This may look like a promotional poster for a hot, new boy band but it's actually a picture of the Nepalese guides and porters we worked with during the Nepal 2017 Photo Workshop..

It's not only a reminder of the great spirit, strength and generosity of our Nepalese friends, it's an illustration of the fact that photographers who travel a lot in the course of our work, rely so much on the hospitality of others.

As well as the handsome Nepalese guides and porters, there are hotel staff, taxi drivers, airline staff, translators and a host of heroes who welcome us with tremendous patience and tolerance.

My job would be impossible without their assistance and is made all the more enjoyable by their cheerful acceptance and support.

Wherever you travel to in the coming year, I hope you'll find many reasons to be grateful for the support of those you meet along the way.

Which one of my photographs is my favourite?
The one I’m going to take tomorrow.
— Imogen Cunningham